November 02, 2012

Why Reading this Blog Will Make You A Better Human

Even though I do a lot of stupid stuff, every once in a while, I do something awesome.

  • Like how I got a boring mechanic video to get over 25,000 views on Youtube
  • Or how I turned my roommate into an Indian sex symbol.
  • Or how I became the most eligible bachelor in San Diego in 24 hours…even though I haven’t been there since I was 15.
  • Or how my first day that I broke the six-figure salary mark…was when I was boating at Lake Powell.

How does reading about that make you a better human?

Because even if you don’t want to be an Indian sex symbol (I know, its not for everyone), in every post, I outline

  1. how I did what I did
  2. how you can tweak it so it can work for your business, your marketing, and your life, or whatever.

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About Tanner Jones

Back in mid 2011, I made my first website in an attempt to make money online after deciding that I didn’t look cool in polo shirts and therefore could never become a door-to-door cable TV salesman. It sucked.  I think I made 72 cents total from it. But I got better and better, and now I have over 60 websites that I run (including this one).  I’ve been able to

  • sell thousands of dollars worth of products in just a day
  • get Google to rank my site so high that over 20,000 people came to a site under 2 months
  • and one time, I even had a multi-million dollar company threaten to sue me when my site started ranking higher than theirs!

Now I’m taking what I’ve learned and I’m on a journey to build a billion dollar company* with one of my best friends.

 I’m constantly juggling my websites and my startup and I’m writing down all the exciting stuff I learn and do on this blog (in case I get famous**)
I’ll shoot you an email every time I come out with an interesting post.  All you have to do is sign up below (I promise there isn’t any spam, just an email every once in a while).

*you know I’d totally settle for multi-million dollar company.

**let’s be honest, this blog is to show my Mom that even though I’m not married and producing grandchildren for her, that I am doing something with my life.